How Are Quartz Kitchen Worktops Made?

If you’ve been looking at stone kitchen worktops, you may have come across quartz. Quartz is a durable, glossy stone that’s perfect for a countertop. Unlike granite or marble, it’s actually a compound of different materials. We thought it would be worth sharing with you exactly how quartz is made and why it’s such a great stone.

What Is Quartz?

Quartz is a material that’s made up of quartz minerals and resin. When quartz is mined, it needs to be ground into a sand or gravel-like texture before it can be used. Once it’s reached the desired consistency, it’s combined with a bonding material, then pressed into the desired shape. You can choose to add pieces of glass or metal to the mixture to create different colours and textures. Once the piece has been formed, it’s blasted at high heat to finish. The result is usually a very glossy slab that doesn’t require polishing.

Does That Make Quartz A Man-Made Material?

Not quite. Quartz is a naturally-occurring material, but to get it into a state that’s usable for kitchen worktops, it does require manufacturing. This means it’s known as an engineered stone, as some intervention is required to create the end-product. Different manufacturers will have slightly different ways of making quartz, but it’s usually comprised of around 93% natural products to 7% resin.

Quartz Trinkets Sitting On A Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Is Quartz A Good Material For Kitchen Worktops?

In a word, yes! Quartz makes an excellent kitchen worktop material. It’s durable, requires very little maintenance and has a beautiful appearance. As well as that, because it is a manufactured stone, you can achieve any shape or colour you desire. You can even make quartz look metallic or textured, so there’s lots of ways to achieve a custom result.

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If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of quartz kitchen countertops, contact our team today. We can discuss your requirements and help you get the worktop of your dreams.

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