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Summer Living: How Outdoor Kitchen Worktops Will Revolutionise BBQ Season!

As summer begins to approach, it’s time to start planning some garden parties. No summer party is complete without a barbecue, and what better way to make sure your outdoor kitchen is prepared for this than with some durable kitchen worktops? The great thing about granite, marble and quartz is that it’s strong and weather-resistant enough to be used outside.  You won’t have to use flimsy fold-out tables to prepare food and can relax knowing that your garden kitchen is as well-prepared as the one indoors. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen.

Hygienic & Easy To Clean

It can be difficult to clean fold-away garden furniture, which is often stored away in dingy sheds over the winter. The great thing about a proper outdoor kitchen worktop is that it can be cleaned in exactly the same way that your indoor kitchen is. Simply wipe down with an appropriate product to kill germs and bacteria. You can then prepare food without having to worry about contamination.

Durable & Weather-Resistant

Granite, marble and quartz are all durable enough to face up to any weather condition. It’s stable and weighty, so it won’t budge in high winds. As well as that, it’s made of solid material, so there’s no peeling or warping when it’s wet.

A Timeless Luxury

Outdoor kitchen worktops are a real luxury, and thankfully they’re built to last. Because the worktops we create are made from natural stone, they always look beautiful, no matter where they’re installed. Stone worktops are particularly striking outside, as they naturally blend well with outdoor elements.

Man cooking meat on a grill with granite worktop outside

Prepare Food Easily With Outdoor Kitchen Worktops

Many budding chefs enjoy cooking in their kitchen, but find they struggle with the outdoor equipment and space they have available. Installing a proper outdoor kitchen complete with stone worktops means that cooking outdoors is no different to inside. You can enjoy the additional work space and make use of all your normal cooking utensils while preparing a feast outside.

For Outdoor Kitchen Worktops, Choose West Wales Marble & Granite

If you’ve decided to pursue an outdoor kitchen, get in touch with our team today. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and come up with a personalised plan for your bespoke kitchen worktops.

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