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How To Protect & Care For Your Stone Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. That’s why many people take a lot of care and attention when designing the look of their kitchen. From the cupboards to the fixings to the colour scheme, it’s important to get it right to ensure you’re happy in your home. You’ll probably have taken a good amount of time to consider which kitchen worktop you wanted, so it makes sense to care for it properly. We’ve put together a simple guide to maintaining and cleaning your worktops in all the materials we provide.

Caring For Granite

Granite is exceptionally durable, and won’t stain or scratch easily. However, you still want to treat it with care. Wipe down regularly with an appropriate kitchen worktop cleaner and a damp cloth. Make sure you go over with a dry towel afterwards. Never use abrasive cleaning tools like scourers on granite, as it can create marks and imperfections.

When you have hot pots and pans, make sure you put a heatproof mat down and don’t place anything hot directly on the granite. You should also use a chopping board when slicing up food, as you’ll damage your knives and scratch your kitchen worktop without one.

Caring For Marble

Marble is a beautiful choice for a kitchen worktop. It’s classy and elegant, often coming in bright, light shades. To ensure they remain pristine, make sure you clean them regularly. As soon as anything spills on the surface, wipe it away before it can accumulate. Marble can stain, so try not to leave things like red wine or tomato juice on the surface for too long. Ensure that the cloth you use to wipe your marble worktops is soft and non-abrasive, as otherwise you could scratch it.

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Marble can scratch and develop burn marks, so much like with granite worktops you’ll also want to invest in some heatproof mats and chopping boards. If you do start to see scratches develop, all is not lost. You can polish and seal the kitchen worktop to boost its resistance to marks.

Caring For Quartz

The best way to clean a quartz kitchen worktop is to use a glass cleaning product. It will remove stains easily and give the surface a beautiful shine. Never use bleach or strong chemicals, as these can wear away at the shine. Much like with marble, quartz can stain, so any spills should be attended to quickly.

Quartz is fairly heat-resistant, so it can tolerate some warm pots and pans sitting on the surface. However, extreme heat can cause damage, so we’d still recommend using heatproof mats in most cases. Quartz won’t need sealing, so it’s pretty low-maintenance.

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